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School Uniforms for 143 students at Shree Kalika Secondary School

Students from Shree Kalika Secondary School
Students from Shree Kalika Secondary School

Project Synopsis

Canberra Grammar School (CGS) in conjunction with RFN spent 3 full days at the School in April 2019. During the stay the visiting party of 17 built a big classroom, and also built steps leading up to the school so the children have safe passage.

The school is located in remote part of Syangja district where up 80% students are dalits (lower caste). They are very poor and affordability to buy stationery, school clothes is very low.

Given the state of the school attire, CGS wanted to explore the costing to provide each student with a set of clothes each.

The project will directly benefit all 143 students who will have a new set of clothes and help the community to spend money needed elsewhere. The investment will enable increased participation of the students in an education program (improving the education of children is one of the objectives of the RFN foundation) by making the schooling more affordable.

We are hoping the investment will also inject much needed funds in the community as three local tailors are being used to sew the uniforms for students.


Bhirkot Rural Municipality, Banethok, Syangja

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Canberra Grammar School

Project outcome


Thank you for everyone's contribution in Australia. Namaste


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