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The Foundation helps improve the lives of Nepalese people through projects that enable villages to become more self-sustaining and provide children opportunities for quality education, good health and values to provide them the opportunity as future leaders to improve the livelihood of coming generations.

The Canberra based foundation was established after the 2015 earthquakes with the objectives of the foundation being defined in its acronym Rebuild, Educate, Assist, Children/Communities (providing) Hope for Nepal.

Initially established to focus on providing aid after the 2015 earthquakes, the foundation is now providing  support in a range of other areas where there is a desperate need for assistance including:

  • Education on hygiene as a significant number of diseases and deaths can be avoided through basic hygiene awareness

  • Access to clean water through water infrastructure and filtration 

  • Funding for children to have lunch at school - The Australian dollar goes a long way in Nepal with $4 covering the cost of a child’s lunch for a month

  • Provision of shelter in areas of poverty and abuse

  • Providing educational facilities and equipment 

  • Educating adults in skills so that they can be employed in Nepal rather than labouring in other countries and separated from their family

  • Providing relief after natural disasters including regular flooding and earthquakes

  • Covid-19 relief packages


                        The philosophy of the foundation is 'Every Life is Precious'

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Requests for assistance come from different villages and regions in the province through the chairman of the villages or from women’s groups, and the RFN Foundation in Nepal undertakes a preliminary assessment of the project against the RFN vision, objectives and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Our local delivery partner


Whilst the Foundation is established in Canberra Australia, a sister organisation (also named REACH for Nepal) has been established in Nepal as the in-country advisory and delivery partner. 

Our local delivery partner has an extensive on the ground network in the region they work. The strong on the ground operation has been running for some time now and the processes are in place to ensure that the aid is delivered where it is most needed. All the projects work is designed, implemented, and monitored by the local team in Nepal.

The relationship with the local partner is formalised with an agreement that includes -

  • Value and contribution of each party.

  • Shared goals, roles and responsibilities of all parties.

  • Financial and non-financial resources and support offered by and required of each party.

  • Dispute resolution process.

  • Mutual accountabilities for reporting, sharing information and communication.

  • Specific statements about child protection, prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment, and incident reporting.


The Foundation here in Australia is run entirely by volunteers with all funds donated to the Foundation directed to the most vulnerable and poorest in the Gandaki Province, Nepal.

Your ongoing support makes an enormous difference in the lives of people in the communities we work.