Our Foundation

The REACH for Nepal foundation was established to help people like you make a real difference in the lives of those less fortunate in Nepal.

The Canberra based foundation was established after the 2015 earthquakes with the objectives of the foundation being defined in its acronym Rebuild, Educate, Assist, Children/Communities (providing) Hope for Nepal.

Initially established to focus on providing aid after the 2015 earthquakes, the foundation is now providing  support in a range of other areas where there is a desperate need for assistance including:

• Education on hygiene as a significant number of diseases and deaths can be avoided through basic hygiene awareness
• Access to clean water through water infrastructure and filtration 
• Controls to minimise human trafficking and exploitation of women
• Funding for children to have lunch at school - The Australian dollar goes a long way in Nepal with four dollars covering the cost for a child’s lunch for a month
• Provision of shelter in areas of poverty and abuse
• Providing educational facilities and equipment 
• Educating adults in skills so that they can be employed in Nepal rather than labouring in other countries and separated from their family
• Providing relief after natural disasters including regular flooding and earthquakes


                        The philosophy of the foundation is 'Every Life Matters'.

What sets REACH for Nepal (RFN) apart is that it uses its strong cultural ties and detailed knowledge of Nepal to identify and support projects that contribute to rebuilding schools and villages. RFN also provides an opportunity for people who might otherwise feel quite helpless to assist and make a difference in a practical and/or financial manner.

Our Principles

​The principles which underpin the way we operate include

  • the primary focus of any projects will be to not only to rebuild or restore capacity but also to build capability and enhance sustainability in the Nepalese community receiving assistance

  • All who contribute to the foundation in Australia do so on a voluntary basis with all donated funds being allocated to projects in Nepal

  • all decisions on the allocation of monies will be agreed in general terms at the AGM and, in specific terms, at a regular board meeting

  • a record of all financial transactions will be created and available at board meetings when required and reviewed at the AGM

  • RFN has universal values and principles and has no affiliation with any single political or religious system

  • investments in fundraising activities will be limited to the extent that there is a return on investment greater than the amount invested

  • a participatory approach will be devised with communities and schools in order to understand issues from their perspective and, in partnership with them, work to deliver the outcomes they need most &

  • projects will be monitored to ensure they are evidence-based, relevant, cost-effective and delivered efficiently

Our Operation

Being a Canberra based charity means those associated with the foundation are close at hand to work with you to help you contribute to those in need in Nepal in the way you wish.

No donation is too small and we prefer not to be prescriptive in what and how you contribute, as this limits opportunities for assistance.  So as long as what you want and how you want to contribute is aligned with the objectives of the foundation, come and talk to us and we can work out ways in how we can make it happen.

With our extensive network in Nepal, we understand the needs and priorities of where assistance is required thereby identifying high-value projects.

Our Policies

When carrying out the work aligned to our objectives, the Foundation engages locally with Nepalese communities, including persons who could be considered vulnerable. The Foundation also enlists the support of domestic and international volunteers who, at times, may also be at risk of vulnerability. To mitigate the risks associated with working with vulnerable people, the Foundation has developed its Child and Vulnerable People Protection Policy. The link to our policy is here.

The foundation is aware of terrorism-related issues and uses its best endeavours to ensure funds do not provide support or resources to organisations/individuals associated with terrorism. RFN does not, and will not, willingly support terrorism. The link to our Counter Terrorism Guidelines is here.

Our Team

Lachhu Thapa

It was Lachhu Thapa's idea to create a foundation in the aftermath of the 2015 Nepal earthquakes. An Australian resident since 2002, Lachhu was born and raised in Pokhara in Western Nepal, just one hour’s drive from the main earthquake’s epicentre.

When news of the earthquake reached Canberra, he knew that aid and rebuilding efforts might not stretch to remote villages and schools in the region. More support was needed to help vulnerable communities recover, and ensure positive long-term outcomes. After some creative discussions with his friend Lou Nulley, the REACH for Nepal Foundation was created.


Lachhu has a rare combination of intimate local knowledge, extensive business experience and strong professional networks in both Australia and Nepal. His passion for Nepalese people, culture, heritage, and environment drive his humanitarian efforts in the region.

In addition to running the REACH for Nepal Foundation, Lachhu operates hospitality and tourism businesses here in Australia and in Nepal.

Lou Nulley


Lou Nulley is a founding director of the REACH for Nepal Foundation. He is the contact for the foundation here in Australia and is passionate about taking volunteers to Nepal to not only assist those in need, but also in doing so, to help volunteers to broaden their perspective.  Typically, those who participate on these projects in Nepal grow in appreciation of what they have, develop a greater compassion for others and re-evaluate what is most important in life.

Lou has extensive executive management experience and together with a love of the mountains and the Nepalese people, it gives him great joy in applying his skills for the success of the foundation to help those in need.

Shiva Thapa


Shiva is the REACH for Nepal Foundation’s on-site director in Nepal.


His project management and community engagement skills ensure that all projects are executed in a timely manner. He is a talented negotiator with a thorough understanding of Nepalese law and is a valuable asset to the Foundation.

Kim Brennan


Kim is incredibly proud to be an ambassador for the REACH for Nepal Foundation because it is a great local organisation contributing to a really worthy cause.

“My particular love for the REACH for Nepal comes from the fact this organisation was borne out of the friendship of two Canberra locals – people like you or me – who wanted to make the world a better place. This is about each of us making a small difference, in our own way”, Kim Brennan, April 2017.