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Image by Falco Negenman

Our Partners

At the REACH for Nepal Foundation, we are fortunate to have the support of some incredible partners who share our passion for sustainable development and community service. 

One of our key partners is the Rotary Club of Hall, Canberra. Rotary has been supporting the foundation since its inception, and has contributed to our infrastructure rebuild programs.


The foundation was one of the five charities nominated for fundraising at the 2023 Aussie Peace Walk organised by Rotary clubs in Canberra. Recently, the Rotary Club of Hall has committed to building award winning earthquake-resistant classrooms at Shree Barahi School.


We are proud to partner with Canberra Grammar School, a leading independent school in Canberra. The school has been on community rebuild project treks to western Nepal twice already, with a third one planned for in 2023. The students helped rebuild classrooms damaged in an earthquake as part of their trip in 2019.


The school raises funds for the foundation through various activities, and one of its houses, Snow House, has nominated the foundation as their house charity, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to our cause. The school's students and staff have also been involved in fundraising activities and community service initiatives to support the foundation's mission.

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University of Canberra, a leading Australian university with a strong commitment to community engagement and social responsibility, has been a valued partner of the REACH for Nepal Foundation.


The university students have travelled to Nepal as part of DFAT’s New Colombo Plan Funding to rebuild, educate and assist a Nepalese community. During one of the trips, faculty of health students visited rural health outposts, hospitals, and community organizations involved in empowering vulnerable groups, and shared their experiences with the Australian Consulate in Kathmandu.


The travelling group also worked with a women’s community group in the Macchapucchare Rural Municipality, teaching local schoolchildren about hand hygiene and assisting in major renovations to a school’s amenities block. 

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Marist College Canberra, a Catholic boys' school in Canberra, is another dedicated partner of the REACH for Nepal Foundation. The school has supported our mission through fundraising and community service that has contributed significantly to our success. One of its houses, Darlinghurst House, has also nominated the foundation as their house charity, showing their commitment to raising funds for our cause.


Another important partner is Mont Adventure Equipment, an outdoor gear retailer based in Canberra.


Mont Adventure Equipment has been a proud supporter of the REACH for Nepal Foundation for several years and has generously donated equipment and funds to support our work. Mont also raises the profile of the foundation through their networks and recently invited us to put up a fundraising stall at one of their factory sales, one of the biggest events in their calendar.

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