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    Treatment of Subina Sarki’s Medical Condition

    Subina Sarki, on her second visit to a hospital in Pokhara to treat her skin infection

    Project Synopsis

    Canberra Grammar School (CGS) in conjunction with RFN spent 3 full days at the School in April 2019. During the stay the visiting party of 17 built a big classroom, and also built steps leading up to the school so the children have safe passage.

    CGS wanted to explore the cost of treating Subina Sarki, a young girl living just behind the school, who appeared to have a very serious skin infection on her face. The family is Dalit (lower caste) with low income with only one wage earner in the family. Subina comes from a family of 9.

    There were nurses in the group who checked Subina’s ear and it was determined that if not treated urgently, Subina could go deaf.

    This project has been created to fund the medical and other costs associated with proper diagnosis and treatment of Subina’s condition.


    Bhirkot Rural Municipality, Banethok, Syangja

    Google Map Location -


    Subina’s condition has been diagnosed and treated.


    Canberra Grammar School

    Project outcome

    Subina is now a much happier child and her family is very grateful for the generous support provided by the CGS. Completed

    Thank you for everyone's contribution in Australia. Namaste