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Shree Barah Guthi Basic School I A part of University of Canberra 3 year project

University of Canberra Students are set to help renovate a pre-school Nursery room at the School
University of Canberra Students are set to help renovate a pre-school Nursery room at the School

Project Synopsis

Situated in the village of Chiruwa, Syangja, the Barah Guthi School is home to 32 local children from around the village. Some of the school structure including the water tank was partly damaged by the 2015 earthquakes.

Over the next three years, the University of Canberra will be carrying out various projects at the School and in the local community where the focus will be to improve the education and health outcomes of the children and people in the village.

As part of the current year program, the students will help with the cleaning of the pre-school nursery room, painting the room (undercoat and top coat), design a mural for the head painter to paint, create some posters that could be put up in the room, identify and arrange for some kits/educational resources for the children, and assist with the set-up of the room.

University of Canberra students will also do some cleaning around the toilet block and school to make it safer and more hygienic. Together we will look at ways to encourage hand washing after using the toilet through the provision of water, installation of taps and access to soap.

To help the school children futher, the University of Canberra students will also contribute books suitalbe for up to 5 years old.

Addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals

This project will contribute to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in the following ways.

  • No Poverty: Improved education facilities and teaching resources will increase the prospects of employment and create further opportunities to reduce poverty

  • Good Health & Well-being: Through the provision of sanitation facilities (access to water and soap) as well as education on hygiene and nutrition, this project will have a significant positive impact on good health and well being

  • Quality Education: The scope of this project includes the addition of education resources to assist learning, a bright and clean school environment conducive to a better learning and improved quality of education

  • Clean Water & Sanitation: The project will include the installation of a water filtration system and and sanitation facilities

  • Reduced Inequalities:  Through better education there is an increased likelihood of reducing inequalities


Shree Barah Guthi School, Syangja

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The project is an overwhelming success. The students have a new classroom that will contribute the school participation.


University of Canberra / REACH for Nepal Foundation

Project outcome

Improved education and better health and well-being for the students at the school and their families in the village.

Thank you for everyone's ongoing contribution in Australia.



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