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Aid for families affected by monsoon flood & landslides

Monsoon flood & landslides are common occurance in Nepal each year

Monsoon-induced disasters are common in Nepal each year. Nepal has a mountainous topography and dozens of major rivers. Over recent months, persistent rain has triggered flash flooding and landslides.

Since the beginning of the monsoon season in June this year, scores of people have lost their lives in floods and landslides which has resulted in significant damage to buildings & other infrastructure as well as loss of lives.

As of 15 July, 2020, authorities reported that 64 people had died, at least 31 are missing and 32 others have been injured. A total of 33,113 people have been affected, with 3,186 families displaced. (Source –

On 10 July, there were 2 landslides in Kaski District, Gandaki Province where 5 people died & 9 people were injured.

Local administration formed a committee headed by the village chairman to garner support for the individuals being treated in the hospital as a result of the disaster. These families already had a depleted income due to impact of Covid-19, so the situation for a handful of families is now catastrophic.

How this project was identified?

One of the representatives from RFN Tactical Advisory Group (Nepal) was approached seeking assistance from RFN following the natural disaster.

This was then put forward to RFN Director in Nepal – Shiva Thapa who contacted RFN Australian Directors seeking support.

It was agreed RFN would donate AUS $1,000 as an immediate releif package that would go towards the families affected by 2 landslides in Kaski District.

The family's entire house was swept away. 5 people lost their lives & 9 injured.
Army Personnel & Local aid workders assisting the area after the landslide


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