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Aid increase in Nepal through Canberra based foundation

Media Release 5 Nov 2017 I Canberra Australia

12 Australians travelled to Nepal in Oct 2017 to contribute build two classrooms

Over the last month, the two founding directors of the Canberra based REACH for Nepal foundation organised separate groups to participate in construction activity at two schools in western Nepal.

The REACH for Nepal foundation has engaged local as well as national and international support to provide relief to the Nepalese people in rural and remote parts of the country since 2015, after the devastating earthquakes that took over 8,000 lives and left many more destitute.

‘We have six projects scheduled for the coming twelve months and over the last month two groups of people from Canberra participated in the construction of an additional room and a solid fence around separate schools’, Mr Thapa, a co-founder and director of the foundation announced.

‘Since the earthquake in 2015, we have taken a number of groups to Nepal to participate in construction and other activity at schools in remote parts of the country’, Mr Lou Nulley, the other co-founder and director of the foundation added. ‘The objectives of the foundation are reflected in the acronym REACH – Rebuild, Educate, Assist, the Children/Communities (giving) Hope for Nepal. On each trip, we invariably contribute to each of these objectives. We assist in the rebuilding of schools, we educate through the provision of text books and advice on topics like hygiene (hygiene is a major cause of disease in the country), we also assist by stimulating the local economy through the employment of local skilled and unskilled labourers, which results in helping the children and communities and gives hope for the villagers’, Mr Nulley advised.

‘We are grateful to the Canberra community in supporting the foundation through fund raising activity and providing direct hands on support in Nepal’, Mr Thapa added. ‘The aid the foundation is able to provide in Nepal is growing very quickly with nearly $20,000 raised at a recent fund raising event, and Canberra schools and universities expressing interest in participating in future community and school projects in Nepal’.

Photo Credit – Novel Photographic

Interviews with REACH for Nepal Foundation co-founders Lachhu Thapa and Lou Nulley are available on request.


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