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REACH for Nepal Minor Projects 2018/2019

Canberra Grammar Volunteers starting on the stair build at Shree Kalika School in April 2019
Canberra Grammar Volunteers starting on the stair build at Shree Kalika School in April 2019

The following projects were carried out in 2018-19 in addition to other listed in the website.

Project 1. Wheelbarrow & Safety Equipment

Following on from the Oct 2018 Community Rebuild Trip, a couple of participants took the lead in raising money to buy a couple of wheel barrows and other work & safety equipment for the local labourers. A couple of wheelbarrows, high vis vests, worksite gloves, helmets and other simple equipment are now available and were distributed to local labourers working on REACH for Nepal sites in 2019.

Project 2. Installation of water pump at Shree Kalika Secondary School

REACH for Nepal identified Shree Kalika Secondary School as one of the locations where we could contribute in building classrooms and carry out other projects into the future. The school didn’t have access to water. So, one of the first projects to be carried out was to pump water from a water source some 150 meters (vertical) from the school. This ensured that students had access to water. Before this project, students had to spend their break to go fetch water and also bring some up with them for those who couldn’t walk down and up.

The water availability also ensured that students had water for use at the amenities block and also to wash hands. Since the water was made available, RFN has built two classrooms at the school in Apr 2019 & Oct 2019.

Project 3. English Teacher for a Year at Shree Janasiddha Basic School

Trekking4Nepal, an organisation set up in Australia paid for an English Teacher for a year at Shree Janasiddha Basic School. This is the same institution Australia had contributed in the build of an amenities block at the School in 2017. Public Schools in remote Nepal often have less teachers than required (as government appointment is often not enough), and it is common for school committee to look for private or donated funds to fund 1-2 teachers a year. This help has ensured that school has an English teacher until March 2020.

Project 4. Build of stairs to Shree Kalika School, Banethok

Shree Kalika School is located on top of the hill in the village of Banethok. That also means that students have to walk a steep hill to get to the School. When Canberra Grammar School was in Nepal in April 2019 to contribute to a classroom build, the group chipped in to build stairs (with local quarry donating some stones) so the students had a good passage to the School. The project was a challanging but a rewarding one. It was good to see the school children have safe steps to walk up and down to the school.

Project 5. Chapten Sherpa medical condition assistance

Chapten Sherpa has been working with REACH for Nepal Expedition & Treks since 2017. Chapten is an all-rounder - he is a Sherpa, a porter and an amazing cook, and loved by many that he assisted. In early 2019, Chapten had to have an emergency operation (urinary tract) and was in complete bed rest for 2 months and no work for about 6 months. With no social and medical assistance available from the government, RFN co-ordinated with people in Australia who knew of Chapten and raised funds quickly to assist him on an ongoing basis until he is ready to be working again.

Project 6. Clothing for Subina Sarki & 1 Year's Stationery for the family (5 kids going to the same school)

Subina is a little girl who goes to pre nursery school at Shree Kalika School in Banethok. While Canberra Grammar School (CGS) were working on the site in April 2019, the group discovered that Subina had really bad ear infection. CGS then decided to pay for her condition and in May 2019 it was treated at a hospital in Pokhara.

The family is Dalit (lower caste) with low income with only one wage earner in the family, Subina’s father for a family of 9. The poor family were really going through a hard time with no clothes with kids or at home. RFN donated some clothes for Subina, her sisters and also in co-ordination with School administration, paid for a year’s supply of school stationery.

Addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The above projects contributed to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in the following ways.

  • No Poverty: Improved education facilities and teaching resources will increase the prospects of employment and create further opportunities to reduce poverty

  • Good Health & Well-being: Having access to water, this project will have a significant positive impact on good health and well being

  • Quality Education: Providing English teacher for a year at a remote School means children have access to quality education.

  • Reduced Inequalities:  Through better education there is an increased likelihood of reducing inequalities


Various location in western Nepal


REACH for Nepal Foundation & People of Australia

Project outcome

Improved education and better health and well-being for the students at the school and their families in the village.

Thank you for everyone's ongoing contribution in Australia.



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