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REACH For Nepal’s exciting new project

We’re excited to bring you details of the REACH for Nepal Foundation’s next priority project and give you a chance to help make it a reality!

The last two years of the Covid-19 pandemic have been disruptive globally, and the burden of illness and economic hardship has disproportionately fallen on the world’s poorer nations like Nepal.

With international borders closed, it’s challenged REACH for Nepal to think differently about how we fundraise and deliver our community programs. We have been unable to run our regular school and community trips to Nepal, or to hold our annual fundraising dinners for the last two years.

But through your past support, we’ve still been able to deliver badly needed humanitarian relief by directly helping families with food supplies when the country was crippled by a lengthy lockdown.

Now with restrictions lifting, our focus is turning to our exciting new infrastructure project in Dangling village, a two-hour drive from the western city of Pokhara.

The village of Dangling & the Annapurna Himalayan Range

What’s the plan?

REACH for Nepal Foundation has been working in Dangling village for several years, assisting in the rebuilding of classrooms at the Sishukalyan Janapriya School. The school was badly damaged by the 2015 earthquake and the community still needs our help.

School classrooms need urgent renovation including the furniture

The next and final stage of the school rebuilding project will see construction of two additional classrooms – allowing all 80 students to be educated in safe and waterproof accommodation.

In addition, REACH for Nepal plans to install a school water filtration system to provide clean drinking water, renovate existing facilities, provide school furniture and education resources. It’s an ambitious project, but we believe our REACH for Nepal community of supporters can help make it a reality.

The students in their classroom at Sishukalyan Janapriya School
What will it cost?

REACH for Nepal aims to raise $25,000 by March 2022 to fund the project.

Any money raised above this amount will fund a village sustainability project to help break the cycle of poverty and give girls better educational opportunities. Through this, RFN will purchase a number of goats which can be bred by village families to help support the costs of girls’ education.

Here’s how you can help

REACH for Nepal is about making connections: linking like-minded people in Australia with those villages in Nepal that could really use our help. In that spirit, we’d love it if you could reach out to your own networks, to help us fundraise.

This is where you can get creative – hold a work raffle or bake sale, silent auction, get sponsors for a walk, ask your local school to ‘wear RED for Nepal’ for a day for gold coin donations… we don’t want to stifle your creativity!

Consider setting a fundraising target - $1,000, $2,000 or more – and challenge a friend to do better! REACH for Nepal will support you in any way we can.

Or you can directly sponsor and promote us through our ‘Go Fund Me’ page.

Remember, every dollar you raise is spent in Nepal, and because the Foundation is entirely volunteer-run, there are no commissions or overheads.

And now there’s even more incentive to raise money – all donations to REACH for Nepal are now tax deductible.

We hope you have a peaceful holiday season. We thank you, and the people of Nepal thank you for your support.


REACH for Nepal Foundation


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