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Extension and Renovations to the Shree Sudin Basic School

Proposed drawing of Shree Sudin Primary School, Lwang
Proposed drawing of Shree Sudin Primary School, Lwang

Project Synopsis

Shree Sudin School have only 6 rooms in the school and often classrooms are shared between staff and students. After initial discussions with school administration & local representatives of the village, projects were identified as below -

  • Addition of two classrooms on the first floor (that will free up two classrooms being used for multiple purposes)

  • Renovation of the roof & maintaining the walls of existing classroom

  • Making the first floor safe by installing railings at the front of the classrooms

  • Install water tank on bathroom roof and plumbing to the boys/girls amenities block so they have running water & install two hand wash basin

  • Renovate the slide so its structurally safe

The project will directly benefit 50 students and also the village where the school is seeing encouraging growth in numbers.

The plumbing of the amenities block will introduce RFN’s health and hygiene programs at the schools. The investment will enable access to education for local villages and improve health through hygiene measures.


Machapuchre Rural Municipality, Lachowk 4

Google Map Location -


Project scheduled to begin in 2019


Project outcome


Thank you for everyone's contribution in Australia. Namaste


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