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Support to vulnerable women at a refuge centre in Pokhara through Kopila Nepal

The team with distribution material at Kopila Nepal
The team with distribution material at Kopila Nepal

Project Synopsis

Fabiola Case is the founder of Adventures with Fitness where women can connect with others, share their experiences, celebrate achievements and overcome obstacles. In association with the REACH for Nepal foundation, Fabiola led a group of women who not only trekked under challenging conditions, but very generously supported women in a refuge center in Pokhara.

During their time in Pokhara, Fabiola & the team took time to understand how the safe house was run, provided support and encouragement to the women and also showed keen interest to find ways to assist in the future.

Their significant financial and personal support will leave a lasting legacy and hope for these vulnerable people.


Kopila Refuge Center, Kalika Pokhara

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The donation was well received by the local NGO. The safe house was very grateful for generous help from Australia. Project completed


Adventures with Fitness & the Team, Canberra

Project outcome

Financial and moral support for vulnerable women

Thank you for everyone's contribution in Australia. Namaste


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