Rebuilding two Classrooms at Shaheed Hari Prasad School, Lwang Kaski

A drone footage of worksite with all participants of Oct 2018 Community Rebuild Trip

Project Synopsis

REACH for Nepal Foundation (RFN) has been working in Shaheed Hari Prasad School since Oct 2016. During this period, RFN has built a library, two computer rooms, rebuilt four classrooms and a playground for the school that was damaged by floods and recent earthquakes.

This school has a clear plan to improve the school facilities and in turn the education for the children in the local area. It also intends to extend the level of education in the area which means the children can more easily continue their education.

RFN’s involvement with the school and the community is now coming to completion, with the rebuild of two classrooms being one of the last projects.


Shahid Hari Prasad School, Lwang Ghalel

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The project will ensure the school has enough classrooms to increase the level of education from Year 8 school to Year 10. RFN’s contribution to date to the community and school is evident with increasing numbers of students now at the school.


This project was co-funded by RFN’s Annual Community Trip for 2018. These trips are run annually around October each year and led by RFN’s co-founder/director Lou Nulley. The travellers are each encouraged to raise $250 to fund the project.

Project outcome

The two classrooms are now complete and the school is now able to extend its level of education to Year 10.

Thank you for everyone's contribution in Australia. Namaste

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