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Build of two additional classrooms at Shree Kalika Secondary School

The construction site at Shree Kalika Secondary School, Banethok Syangja
The construction site at Shree Kalika Secondary School, Banethok Syangja

Project Synopsis

This school in Banethok, Syangja has 143 students up to Year 8 and is located in a remote part of the country. Children living from as far as an hour and half walk, call this their school. RFN spent some time with the School Management Committee & also the village elders, to identify the priority projects for the school.

The school was partly damaged by 2015 earthquakes and this resulted in less classrooms available for students to use. The build of the additional two classrooms would enable the school administration rooms not having to double up as classrooms, and also extend the level of education to years 9 and 10.

There are two components to this project. Firstly, the Canberra Grammar School (CGS) in conjunction with RFN spent 3 full days at the School in April 2019. During the stay the visiting party of 17 volunteers built a big classroom (able to be divided into 2 classrooms), and also built steps leading up to the school so the children have safe passage.

The second component is the build of an additional two classrooms at the Shree Kalika Secondary School. This project will be undertaken by a group of 12 people in November 2019.


Bhirkot Rural Municipality, Banethok, Syangja

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REACH for Nepal October 2019 Community Rebuild & Trek participants

Thank you for everyone's ongoing contribution in Australia.



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