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Community Treks

​​The major component of the foundation is that we organise community rebuild & trekking trips to Nepal for educational institutions and other groups, to provide aid in areas aligned with the foundation's objectives.

REACH for Nepal's community rebuild trips are gaining popularity among adventure enthusiasts and educational institutions in Australia.


These trips offer a unique blend of trekking and community service, where participants can work on specific projects that are mutually agreed upon by the group and the foundation.


While school rebuilding, water tank installations, setting up hand wash stations or installing water filter systems are typical projects, REACH for Nepal welcomes any contribution that aligns with its objectives of helping those less fortunate than us in Nepal.

REACH for Nepal believes in empowering its volunteers to decide on the best way to contribute, rather than prescribing a set course of action.


This approach allows for greater flexibility and innovation in delivering aid to communities in need.



Educational Institutions

Firstly, we tailor trips to for specific educational institutions as the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and we recognise the great opportunity for students to broaden their horizons and experience the importance and joy of helping those in need.


General Public

Secondly, we offer trips to the general public. Each year we invite the public to join us in a trek of moderate-intensity and participate in one of our projects.  For some participants, these trips are life-changing events, with a number of people coming back on later trips as they experience a deep sense of purpose and achievement.

Image by Antoine Rault

Watch the video!

Canberra Grammar School embarked on its second trip to Nepal with REACH for Nepal Foundation in April 2019.

Experience our seamless operation

University of Canberra visit HE Peter Budd at his residence, Embassy of Australia, Kathmandu - Dec 2018

Together with our travel partner, we organise an affordable total package, enabling a seamless experience for all travellers. 


The package is generally of 15 days duration and includes international airfares; all local travel including internal flights, private vans and 4WDs; all accommodation and about 75% of the meals.


In addition, inclusive in each trip, we develop a;

  • Risk Management Plan specific to your trip, and

  • Critical Incident Management Plan including escalation processes in case of an emergency.

Together with your institution, we can determine a way in how we can make a difference to those in need in Nepal. We do this through -

  • Tailoring your trip and the project you wish to undertake to ensure you contribute in the way you wish and aligned to the objectives of the foundation

  • Our extensive network in Nepal, giving us an understanding of the needs and priorities of where assistance is required, thereby identifying high-value projects

  • Providing a practical perspective on a range of matters including culture; poverty; the joy of giving; facing and overcoming physical, mental and emotional challenges; witnessing strong community and family values; hands-on practical assistance; being exposed to the joy in people despite having very little

  • Providing an opportunity for parents and students to experience something meaningful and unique together by sharing the adventure of a lifetime whilst making a difference to those in need

Canberra Grammar School at Tadapani, Annapurna Sanctuary on a 4-day trek of the region - Apr 2019

Our Clients

Marist College.jpg


The Canberra Grammar School trip to Nepal in April 2018 with the REACH for Nepal foundation was one of the best travel experiences I have been associated with as Head of the Outdoor Education Department at the school.


With representation both here in Australia and in Nepal, the organisation of the trip was very smooth and all aspects of travel were dealt with in a professional manner.  Having representatives here in Canberra made a big difference in terms of communication and planning resulting in a high level of confidence in the organisation of the trip.  


...........The trip exceeded our expectations and I look forward to organising future expeditions through the REACH for Nepal foundation over coming years.

S Donoghoe

Head of Outdoor Education

Canberra Grammar School

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