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REACH for Nepal’s Covid-19 relief efforts off to a flying start, with a big celebrity endorsement!

Nepal Airlines Chief Pilot - Vijay Lama

The REACH for Nepal Foundation has a new high-flying supporter – none other than Chief Pilot for Nepal Airlines, Captain Vijay Lama.

Captain Lama made headlines recently when he piloted several repatriation flights from Kathmandu to Australia – and even landed a spot on the Channel 10 comedy quiz show, “Have You Been Paying Attention”!  He generously chose to donate his appearance fee of $500 to RFN, to aid its assistance work during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Canberra RFN supporter and journalist Craig Allen wrote about Vijay’s trip for the ABC recently.

Vijay Lama has a massive social media following in Nepal, and is also well known as a movie star, singer and philanthropist.  He said he was excited to fly to Australia to strengthen links between the two friendly nations, and pledged to form a relationship with RFN, saying

“I definitely look forward to working together, I’m sure we can do a lot.  There’s a huge community of Nepalese living in Australia – they’re also willing to join hands with us.  Let’s work together and make things happen.”

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Nepal has been under a strict lockdown, cutting off sources of income for many tens of thousands of people who now rely on stockpiled food or charity to survive.  RFN has committed to supporting needy families in our project villages in western Nepal, with cash donations to help them through the difficult months to come.

If you’d like to join Captain Vijay Lama in supporting our Covid-19 relief efforts, get in touch, or donate through our website,


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